The YCW Organises, Educates and Empowers young people to be a positive change within their own lives and the community.
AYCW Publications

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Finding Meaning, Making a Difference Handbook

This handbook brings together resources written by young people across Australia. In doing so, we hope to share some of our experiences with you and give you the opportunity to find meaning and make a difference in your life and the community around you.


Treatment of Casual Workers Social Enquiry

Developed in response to the media's exposure of the treatment of casual workers in Australia in 2012.


Environmental Social Enquiry

A look at why we as young people need to look after the world we live in, so the future generations may have a safe and healthy place to live in.


Mental Well-Being Social Enquiry

In 2011, members of the AYCW pinpointed the importance of having a healthy mental well-being with this social enquiry being the starting point to start building awareness around the topic.


Mental Health Well-Being - a vision for young people

The AYCW conducted an enquiry in to Mental Well-being and Young People in 2011, highlighting the importance for all young people to maintain a healthy work, life, faith balance.


Horn of Africa Social Enquiry

In 2011, members of the YCW were challenged to take action regarding the situation that was developing in the Horn of Africa. The AYCW developed a social enquiry, to get the conversation going.


Accessing Just and Meaningful Work

A resource that provides practical tools to assist young people in having access to Just and Meaningful Work.

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